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Lake Crago Outdoor Recreation Complex



External view of the Lake Crago Outdoor Recreation Complex Building

525 Lake Crago Dr, Lakeland, FL 33805 | 863.834.2215

Recreation Facility Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 
8 AM - 5 PM
Some programs and activities may occur outside of normal operational hours

The Lake Crago Outdoor Recreation Complex is a multi-use facility in Lake Crago Park. The facility houses classroom space, event rental space, Lakeland’s first public kayaking and canoeing facility, and an educational amphitheater. 

Lake Crago Dog Park

Lake Crago Park Hours (boat ramp)
7 AM - 6 PM


  • Rental Spaces

    The Lake Crago Outdoor Recreation Complex has a variety of space types to accommodate all kinds of events, from meetings to parties, to kayak fishing tournaments.

    Check out the Parks & Recreation Reservations & Rentals Page for more info on the following spaces:

    Banquet Room
    Activity Room
    Educational Amphitheater
    Covered Patio

  • Classes & Activities

    Fitness Classes
    $5 per person per class unless noted otherwise. Most fitness classes are Silver Sneakers/Healthy Contributions applicable.

    Total body workout for seniors. Use of chair, ball, weights and elastic. This class is great for enhancing balance, stability and coordination.   
    Instructor: Cynthia Beyer
    Wednesdays: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    A low-impact aerobic class designed to increase muscular strength, range of motion, and improve activities for daily living. This is a total body conditioning class utilizing a chair, hand weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a small ball.
    Instructor: Joy Poteet
    Tuesdays: 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
    Thursdays: 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

    Focuses on senior stability, fall prevention, and strength.
    Instructor: Chrissy Plunkett
    Mondays & Thursdays:
    11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

    Class starts November 30
    Choreographed dances set to music. No partner is necessary, but some experience is required.
    Instructor: Teresa Small
    10 AM - Intermediate
    11 AM - Improver
    12 PM - High Beginner
    $3 per class

    Tai Chi Basics involve a series of low-impact movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing. Tai Chi improves balance, memory, and scientific studies show that Tai Chi is beneficial for those with arthritis and Parkinson’s.
    In this class, you don't have to learn complicated routines or memorize anything. It's about having fun and improving health.
    Instructor: Karl Olexa
    8:15 - 9:15 AM

    Tai Chi is gentle, focusing on fluid, circular movements that are relaxed and slow in tempo. Breathing is deep and slow, aiding mental concentration, relaxing the body, and reducing stress. Tai Chi reduces the risk of falls, improves balance, increases muscular strength and flexibility, and overall fitness. Tai Chi can be practiced almost anywhere and by almost anyone.
    Instructor: Dan Stoller
    Mondays & Wednesdays
    9:30  - 10:30 AM

    Low Impact aerobic fitness that focuses on muscle endurance.  Exercises will consist of cardio and hand-held weights to give you the total body workout you need! This class is great for bone strength and muscle tone.
    Instructor: Cynthia Beyer
    Tuesdays: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    Ideal for beginners or those seeking a relaxing experience at the end of the day. We work to ease stress through stretching and balancing poses, breathing techniques, music, and meditation.
    Instructor: Cristina Braun
    Tuesdays: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

    A vibrant way to exercise with music chosen to uplift the soul and harmonize the body and mind. Ideal for those willing to experience joy with the combination of user-friendly dance, yoga, breath work, and meditation. This practice promotes flexibility, endurance, self-confidence, and stress reduction.
    Available with Silver Sneakers/Healthy Contributions programs
    Thursdays: 4 - 5 PM
    Instructor: Cristina Braun

    Children's & Youth Programming

    Beginner Fishing Class
    Children will be introduced to the art and sport of freshwater fishing, as well as learn about laws and regulations, knot-tying, casting techniques, and much more!
    Lunch & Equipment Provided
    Ages 8 - 14
    Drop off at 9:30 AM
    Pick-up at 2:00 PM
    Upcoming Dates:
    Space is limited. Call or email to find out more.

    Interested in teaching at one of our facilities? Fill out our online call for instructors form.


  • Kayak & Canoe Rentals

    Lake Crago is home to Lakeland's first outdoor recreation complex that offers water sport activities. Our vendor, Liberty Outdoors, is located at the Boathouse and will be launching rentals of their own brand of single and tandem (double) kayaks. Enjoy your kayak for an hour or keep it for the day. Liberty Outdoors will get you geared and ready, then launch you right out into Lake Crago. Lake Crago is a 50 acre lovely lake with wonderful wildlife and a scenic shoreline making it a peaceful paddle and a delightful day! In the northwest corner of the lake is a canal south to much larger Lake Parker.

    For hours of operation and pricing information, please visit their website.

  • User Check-In
    • All program participants should check in at the front counter prior to attending classes
    • Program participants will be registered in the participant program and issued an identification tag.
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