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Barnett Family Park

Barnett Family Park from Peggy Brown Building

730 E. Orange St.* | Lakeland, FL 33801 | 863.834.2280

Located at the top of the Lake Mirror Amphitheater, Barnett Family Park includes a splash pad water feature, a playground (including the Sunflower Preschool Playground), a labyrinth, a covered picnic area, restrooms, and a multipurpose field.

*Additional parking is available north of the Park at 121 S Lake Avenue.


Monday - Friday: 8 AM - Just before dusk
Saturday & Sunday: 8 AM - Dusk

Monday - Friday: 10 AM - Just before dusk
Saturday & Sunday: 8 AM - Dusk

Splash Pad (Water Feature)
10 AM - 5 PM
Closed Wednesdays for Maintenance

- No food, drink, or glass allowed on the splash pad
- Water is re-circulated and treated. Children should avoid drinking water.
- Water shoes requested
- Persons with Diarrhea should not use the splash pad
- No pets on the splash pad
- Picnic tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
- Absolutely no securing of anything to the gates, tables, or equipment, please.

The water feature may need to be shut off from time to time due to maintenance issues. We appreciate everyone's patience during these times as we work to ensure its safety. If the water is ever off during open hours, please call Gandy Pool at 863.834.3157 for more information. Water may also be turned off due to high winds or low temperatures.