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SurfLakeland: Bridging the Digital Divide

The City of Lakeland accepts applications from non-profit organizations seeking to provide SurfLakeland Wi-Fi Services to their clients and customers.  As part of the City of Lakeland’s commitment to reduce the digital divide, the City Commission has funded a project for installation and support of SurfLakeland Wi-Fi to qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. This is a non-reimbursement grant.

Completed applications are reviewed by the City’s Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC) and a recommendation prepared for City Commission consideration.  Applicant agencies are informed of the Committee’s recommendations for funding after the City Commission’s approval.

Please note the application period is currently closed.  It should reopen in late 2019 or early 2020 pending the availability of funding.

  • Digital Divide SurfLakeland Grant Program Details

    As part of the City of Lakeland’s commitment to reduce the digital divide, the City Commission has funded a project for installation of SurfLakeland WiFi and directed staff to administer the program as a grant to qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.  The following sets forth the general components of the Digital Divide SurfLakeland Grant program: 

    1. The program is entirely voluntary. It does not create a continuing obligation for participation by the funded agency or to provide service by the City of Lakeland.
    2. The program is contingent on funding. Should the City of Lakeland determine that funding is no longer available, either for new projects, to continue existing projects, or both, the City may remove all equipment provided as part of the program, at no cost to the funded agency.  The agency shall, however, provide reasonable access for removal of City-owned equipment.
    3. Interested organizations will complete an application expressing their interest and request for funding, which application will include, at a minimum:
      • Name and address of Organization
      • Location and description of facility proposed for SurfLakeland installation
      • Summary of Organization mission
      • Description of the Organization’s clients; specifically, those that will be served by SurfLakeland WiFi
      • Estimate of the weekly number of SurfLakeland users
      • Additional funding to be provided by the Organization, if any
      • Name, signature, and authority of person making application for the Organization
    4. The grant application period will be open for 30 days. Completed applications will be delivered to the City’s Housing Office, 1104 Martin L. King, Jr. Avenue, Lakeland, FL 
    5. At the conclusion of the application period, the City’s Department of Information Technology (DoIT) will evaluate each qualified application and provide costs estimates for providing SurfLakeland WiFi. Applicants will ensure reasonable access for City staff.
    6. Completed applications and DoIT evaluations/cost estimates will be scheduled for review by the City’s Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC), which has experience evaluating applications from qualified nonprofit organizations for annual public service grants.
    7. The AHAC will review and, by majority vote, recommend one or more agencies for funding, installation and service of SurfLakeland WiFi. In doing so, the AHAC will consider:
      • The applicant’s mission
      • The applicant’s experience with underserved populations
      • The proposed use and reach of SurfLakeland WiFi
      • The estimated cost and financial feasibility of the applicant’s project
      • The applicant’s additional financial commitment to the project, if any
    8. Financial contribution or grant match by applicants is not required for participation in the Digital Divide SurfLakeland Grant program, but may be used as criteria for recommended selection by the AHAC, recognizing that financial commitment by applicant organizations will leverage the City’s contribution, allowing for greater program reach.
    9. Upon selection by the AHAC and City Commission, program participants will be required to execute a grant agreement indemnifying the City of Lakeland from liability and providing reasonable access for installation and maintenance of SurfLakeland WiFi at the Organization’s facility.

**City of Lakeland Grant Application**

SurfLakeland: Bridging the Digital Divide
Program Year 2019-2020


Application packets are available for non-profits seeking to provide SurfLakeland Wi-Fi to their clients and customers:


Please submit completed applications to:

Michael Smith, Housing Programs Manager
Housing Division
1104 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue
Lakeland FL 33805.


More Info

If you have any questions about the application, please contact Michael Smith, Community Development Department, Neighborhood Services Division, Housing Section at 863.834.3360