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Interactive Map for Homebuyers looking for New Construction Homes in Lakeland, FL.

Lots awarded to Builders are now available to begin constructing new homes on the lots they purchased. Each lot was purchased by a specific builder.

Map will connect homebuyers to builders by providing the contact information for each lot. Hover over the location you are interested in and the contact information for the Builder of that specific lot will be provided. Lots are no longer owned by the City of Lakeland. Homebuyer is responsible to reach out to Builder and work directly with Builder.


Interactive Map


Home Purchase Assistance

The Affordable Housing Office uses a portion of its funding to subsidize the purchase of a home by qualified buyers. Income requirements and subsidy levels vary by program and funding source, but all require completion of a HUD-approved homebuyer education class. HANDS of Central Florida, Inc. partners with the City to provide homebuyer counseling and other services which further the City's home purchase assistance activities. Please visit HANDS of Central Florida's website to learn more or to register for a homebuyer class. 

Buying A New Home

View valuable information from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development regarding home buying and homeownership. View the HUD Guide for Buying a Home for more information.