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The Lakeland History Room Policy

All persons using this room are considered guests of the Lakeland Public Library and as such are expected to abide by the policy guidelines below: 

  1. Due to the unique and/or fragile nature of some materials, care must be exercised when handling materials.
  2. The use of pens is not permitted and pencils will be provided to patrons upon request.
  3. NO food or drink is allowed in the Lakeland History Room.
  4. Lakeland History Room materials may not be removed from the room.

Photocopying Policy

Photocopying of materials is done at the discretion of the Lakeland History Room staff. Permission may be granted to photocopy items in the collections depending upon their condition and will be conducted by a staff member.  

  • The quantity of materials that can be photocopied is limited by staff resources and time.
  • Patrons may also use digital cameras or cell phones equipped with cameras to photograph pages of books or documents with staff permission and in compliance with copyright law. 
  • Patrons wishing to bring in personal scanners must contact the Lakeland History Room Librarian, LuAnn Mims at 863.834.4269 or luann.mims@lakelandgov.net, ahead of time for permission.

Copyright Restrictions

Permission to examine and photocopy a document does not convey the right to publish or reproduce it.

Patrons must be aware of copyright law and they must assume full responsibility for any infringement of copyright. Lakeland History Room staff will, to the extent possible, assist patrons in obtaining permission for use from copyright holders, but the ultimate responsibility for doing so lies with the patrons.

Any materials from the Lakeland History Room subsequently reproduced in a publication or exhibit should carry the following credit: "Courtesy of the Lakeland History Room, Lakeland Public Library, Lakeland, FL.

Digital Image Photo Request Form

Download a PDF version of the Lakeland Room Policy.

Updated 01/28/2019