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Meeting Room Policies

Please NOTE:

  • The Library will have first choice of dates and times for the Meeting/Training Rooms for library events.
  • Library rooms are NOT available for commercial endeavors and/or any meeting held to advertise any product or commercial service.
  • Room setup for groups smaller than the required minimum attendance is not cost-effective. If your meeting or event consistently draws fewer than the minimum attendance for that space, you will be notified and asked to find an alternative location to meet.

Meeting Rooms

  • The Larry R. Jackson Branch Library Meeting Room use is designed for groups of 5 or more with a maximum of 40.


Applications to use the room may be made in person, by phone, or make a Meeting Room reservation online.

**Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Groups who do not provide a completed application will not be permitted to use the room, regardless of the calendar availability.**


All requests to use the meeting room must be completed and returned at least one week prior to the desired date. All persons using this room are considered guests of the Lakeland Public Libraries and as such are expected to abide by the policy guidelines below:

  1. Library meeting rooms are NOT available for commercial OR for-profit endeavors and/or any meeting held to advertise any product or commercial service.
  2. Your organization may have only three (3) confirmed bookings on the calendar at any given time.
  3. ALL meetings are OPEN to the public and must be held under the auspices of a responsible organization that assumes complete responsibility for the character of its meeting or program.
  4. Library meeting rooms are NOT available for private social gatherings (birthdays, weddings, bridal or baby showers, family reunions, graduation ceremonies, parties, etc.).
  5. NO attendance fees may be charged; NO money taken (including dues); NO sales may be made. Failure to comply will result in immediate suspension of meeting room use.
  6. ALL meetings and programs will be held during regular library hours and shall be over at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled closing of the facility.
  7. Individuals and groups booking the meeting room are responsible for any ADA accommodation requests made by attendees for their event/meeting/booking.
  8. NO physical changes may be made in the rooms except for the re-arrangement of chairs and tables already in place for the meeting. Equipment, including items on display, are not to be disturbed.
  9. Activities involving more than normal wear of the library’s facilities and equipment will not be Users will be held responsible for any damages to the room and/or the equipment.
  10. Children must be supervised at all times by a sufficient number of responsible adults provided by the sponsors of the
  11. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the library or on library
  12. No open flame of any kind is permitted in the space.
  13. The library reserves the right to have a member of staff present at any scheduled

Failure to abide by the policies outlined above can result in loss of privileges to reserve the space. 

Should you have any concerns while using the room, please contact library staff for assistance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Download a PDF version of the Meeting Room Policy.

Updated 5/26/2023