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General Services

Planning & Research - The Planning and Research Section provides the department with research, planning, and grant administration.

Accreditation -  The accreditation programs provide public safety agencies an opportunity to voluntarily demonstrate that they meet an established set of professional standards.

Recruiting/Background Investigations - The Lakeland Police Department has many opportunities for a rewarding and exciting career in law enforcement. Officers joining LPD can look forward to a career that offers opportunities for advancement, specialty and leadership training.

Fleet & Facilities Management - This position is responsible for maintaining the police buildings and the vehicles that are used by officers and employees.

Training - The Training Division is led by a Lieutenant and encompasses the department Mini-Academy, the Field Training Program and Advanced Training and Career Development for officers.

Quartermaster - The Quartermaster is responsible for the procurement of necessary supplies and equipment for the Police Department and maintenance of appropriate inventory records regarding disbursement of supplies and equipment.