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DUI Unit

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Impaired Driving is a concept that many people think, "If I am under a .08, they can't arrest me." WRONG.

If you are impaired, you can be arrested. Impairment is not just caused by alcohol, which is the most abused drug in the United States. Impairment means that you can not drive safely. It means that you may think you are okay because you are not sick but, impairment starts at BAC levels of .02 which can be one beer for some people.

One NHTSA BAC study in 2000 shows that people at Blood Alcohol Concentrations (BAC) of .02 and higher have displayed signs of impairment. This is four times below the legal limit.

Drugs & Alcohol

  • Drugs and Alcohol combined can cause impairment in people that give the appearance of drinking a case of beer.
  • Depressant medication and pain medication alone can cause impairment when a person over medicates. However, when alcohol is added to this combination, we are talking extreme impairment. Doctors will tell you not to mix medications with alcohol. LISTEN TO THEM.
  • Drug Impaired Driving is becoming as frequent as Alcohol Impaired Driving. If you are unsure about your medications and mixing them with alcohol consult with your physician.
  • Over-medicating or combining any of the above will cause impairment and you will be arrested for DUI.
  • DUI in the State of Florida is considered driving under the influence of alcohol and/or chemical or controlled substances. The Drug Recognition Experts at LPD take our training seriously. Impairment in DUI crashes is 100% preventable and it our job to get the word out.
  • Whether it is prescription drugs, over the counter medications like Benedryl, or chemicals such as paint, you can impair yourself that you are unable to operate a vehicle safely

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