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Personal Safety

Don't Become A Victim

  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings
  • Trust Your Instincts! If Something Doesn’t Seem Right, It Probably Isn’t.
  • Travel In Well Lit, Busy Areas.
  • Carry Only the Cash and Credit Cards You Need.
  • Beware of Panhandlers and People Asking for Directions. Keep Your Distance, at Least 6 feet.
  • If you Think Your Being Followed, Cross the Street and Walk In the Opposite Direction.
  • Keep Your Home and Car Locked At All Times, Even When You Are Inside.
  • If You Are Being Robbed, Give the Robber What They Want.  DON’T RESIST.
  • Avoid Traveling or Walking Alone. Use the Buddy System.
  • Never Go Anywhere With an Attacker. FIGHT IF YOU HAVE TO.