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If you have been a victim of a crime that occurred outside the City limits please follow the steps below to access the resources that will help you file a claim for victim compensation.

The Bureau of Victim Compensation’s Brochure provides information on who may apply for assistance and the qualification requirements. Please be sure to review eligibility requirements prior to filing your claim.  The Office of Attorney General reserves the right to make all decisions with regard to qualifying for potential benefits. 

View and print a copy of the Attorney General’s Bureau of Compensation Claim Form.

The Florida Attorney General’s webpage for Crime Victims’ Services provides various forms that may be required for filing your claim. 

View a list of local law enforcement agency phone numbers to obtain a copy of the crime report related to your case. 

View the 2017 Florida Statutes, Chapter 960 (Victim Assistance).

Read the definition of a ‘forcible felony’ in accordance with Florida law.