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Fire Safety For Kids

Meet Blaze, the Firefighting Swan 

Blaze, Lakeland's Own Firefighting Swan

More About Blaze, the Firefighting Swan:
Meet Blaze, Lakeland's very own firefighting swan! Blaze is the only feathery-firefighter you're likely to meet. Blaze was created by the Lakeland Fire Department and the City of Lakeland to serve as an ambassador for fire safety education everywhere. Blaze is a symbol of our city, known for its beautiful and elegant swans. Blaze's name was chosen by the Lakeland Fire Department's social media fans in an online naming contest held in 2019. Blaze was made for the community and named by the community.

Practice Fire Safety Skills With Blaze 

Cover of Coloring Book Created by LFD

The Lakeland Fire Department's coloring and activity book was created specifically to educate your child about fire safety, with the goal of being entertaining and fun. We encourage you to participate in this experience with your child, by discussing each important fire safety topic at length with your child and ultimately your entire family. It could be life-saving.

Download and print your very own copy here. 



Printable Resources For Kids