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Fire Hydrant Locator

The Lakeland Fire Department offers an interactive map that allows you to find all of the fire hydrants within a 1,000-foot circumference of your home or business.

This information can be used to inform your insurer where fire hydrants are located, as their distance to your structure and property may impact your insurance rates.

The interactive map tool allows you to create a print-out that can be provided to your insurer, which includes a map indicating where hydrants within a 1,000-foot radius of your address are located, a helpful message elaborating on the department's Insurance Service Office rating of 1 and what that means in regards to fire protection in Lakeland. Click the below to access the Hydrant Finder

Lakeland Fire Department Hydrant Finder


Instructions for Using the Fire Hydrant Locator

1) Click Here: Lakeland Fire Department Hydrant Finder

2) Enter your address in the LFD Hydrant Search box, as indicated in the image below.

3) Once the address is entered, the map tool will show the location of the address and all of the hydrants within a 1,000-foot radius.

4) When you are ready to print, select the print icon as indicated in the image below. Once you select the print icon, a "Generate Report" option will appear. Click "Generate Report" and you will be taken to your report.

5) Enter your address in the area indicated. 

6) Select "Print".

7) You will receive a finalized Hydrant Report that will look like the example below. You can 


If you have difficulty using the tool, please call (863) 834-8200 for assistance.