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Key Access Boxes and Gate Switches

A picture of a Knox box

The Lakeland Fire Department requires KNOX® brand lock boxes for all commercial buildings with a fire alarm system, which can be ordered directly from their website. 

Enter “Lakeland Fire Dept” when ordering for the Fire Department/Agency or location where product will be installed.  Order a Knox Box 3200 series or larger, preferably with a hinged lid. 

Boxes should be mounted near the main entrance of the facility, at eye level.  

Please call the Inspector for your area for location verification and/or to lock keys in mounted boxes. Find you inspector here.

The Lakeland Fire Department requires the 3503 Dual Knox Key Switch on all gates that limit emergency access.  The left side shall be keyed to “Lakeland Fire Dept” the other side will automatically be keyed to Polk County Fire Services low-security key for ambulance access.  Nothing has to completed on the application for the ambulance access, it is automatic as long as you choose the Dual Knox Key Switch

Key access boxes are available for residences but are not required.