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Wastewater Line Maintenance

Remote Camera

A photo of a remote wastewater camera

This remote camera allows us to inspect the inside of sewer pipes to look for blockages and other problems. When those are found, we can pinpoint exactly where the problem is. This speeds up the repair.

A photo of remote wastewater camera inside a sewage line

A remote camera lowered into the sewer lines is used to view the inside of sewer lines. Images are sent to the TV control room.

TV Control Room

A photo of the remote camera control room inside a truck

Looking over the shoulder of the operator in the TV control room, they can see and copy the images from the remote camera.

Roots Blocking A Pipe

A photo of roots blocking the inside of a pipeA view inside of a sewer line shows roots blocking the pipe and normal flow. This condition is common in areas where trees are growing on top of shallow sewer lines. Roots will serve as a source to collect other debris and can cause additional blockages in the line preventing the normal flow of wastewater in the pipe.


Cutting Away The Roots 

A photo of a cuter removing roots from a lineThe remote camera is used to view the operation, line up the cutter and verify that the roots have been removed. Here is a picture taken by the camera and viewed inside a special vehicle with a TV control room where the operator can see and copy the images from the remote camera. This cutter will rotate like a boring drill and cut the roots from the line. 


After The Roots Are Cut

A photo of a a line after the roots have been cut awayThe final picture from the camera after the roots have been cut. As can be seen, the pipe will now allow normal sewer flow through the pipe thus eliminating or reducing the amount of other debris that will catch on the roots and prevent possible blockages in this pipe.