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School-to-Work Program

The School-to-Work Program encourages civic connections between students and the City of Lakeland by offering internships and School outreach opportunities. The School-to-Work division also manages the City of Lakeland's Skillbridge Program. Our division can be reached at  School-to-Work-Program@lakelandgov.net


  • Internships

    Paid Internships

    The City of Lakeland offers paid internships in a variety of departments to eligible college, technical, and high school students each semester. These internships offer guided hands-on experience while offering students a chance to apply coursework to practical application in the workforce. Any questions concerning the City of Lakeland's Year Round Internship program can be sent to School-to-Work-program@lakelandgov.net.

    Current internships available: here

    Unpaid Internships/ Job Shadowing

    Any students enrolled in a secondary or post-secondary institution interested in completing an Unpaid Internship or Job Shadowing with a City of Lakeland Department, Submit the following form to School-to-Work-program@lakelandgov.net

    Unpaid Internship Form

    Any students interested in completing mandated Community Service with a City of Lakeland Department, submit the following form to School-to-Work-program@lakelandgov.net.


  • Skillbridge Internship Program

    Skillbridge Internship Program


    The City of Lakeland's Skillbridge Program offers internships that provide a pathway to civilian employment to qualified, transitioning Service members and their spouses. Internships can last for up to six months. Various positions are offered year-round, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. All applications are to be submitted online. Any questions concerning the City of Lakeland's Skillbridge Program can be sent to School-to-Work-program@lakelandgov.net 

    Current Skillbridge Internships available: Coming Soon

  • School Outreach

    The School-to-Work Department is pleased to encourage civic connections between the student population and the City of Lakeland. If interested in having us attend a career fair or school visit, please contact School-to-Work-Program@lakelandgov.net

School-To-Work Program Volunteer Application 

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