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The City of Lakeland is a vibrant, innovative, and culturally inclusive world-class community.  The employees are working together to achieve an exceptional quality of life for our community.  We are seeking individuals for career opportunities that live our values to make the community an outstanding place for our residents and visitors.

City of Lakeland Values

Social Responsibility: Ability to enhance the quality of life for all citizens through partnerships and programs that embrace cultural diversity, safety and community involvement. 

Leadership: Lead by example, learn from the past, provide direction for the present, and plan for the future.

Integrity: Honest and ethical to earn the trust of fellow employees and citizens.

Commitment to Excellence: Achieve measurable success and continuous improvement through investment of resources, a focus on efficiency and accountability, and high expectations for quality.

Empowered Workforce: Cultivate a work environment which offers the authority to act through supportive leadership, mutual respect, trust, personal responsibility and open communications.

Diversity: Utilize ethnic, cultural, gender, and experiential differences to encourage participation, opportunity, equality, respect, and responsiveness to our community.


Mark Farrington, Director of Human Resources for the City of Lakeland, talks about behavioral interviewing and preparation. Mark has held numerous HR positions over his career in both the public and private sector, including serving as HR Director in five major organizations. 

This podcast is perfect for anybody looking for a job or anybody looking for advancement in their organization. Techniques talked about in this podcast are used not only by major employers in Lakeland but across the globe.