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To Develop an informed & engaged community.

The Communications Department oversees the City’s public relations, marketing and advertising related functions as well as the distribution of public information, internal and external communications, media relations, crisis management, digital media, video/television production, branding, design, public record processing and audio/visual support.

The Communications staff works directly with the City Commission, City Manager’s Office and City Departments to deliver timely and accurate information about services, projects and initiatives. Residents, businesses and visitors are kept informed through open and transparent communications.  

The Department creates and distributes news releases, produces print materials, manages the City’s government access television station, oversees the City’s switchboard operations, administers the maintenance and updates to the City’s web and social media sites and participates in special event planning.


One of the best ways to build the credibility of local government and increase public confidence is to establish an effective public information program that is not only honest and accurate, but presented in a timely manner.  The Communications Department works toward consistency and effectiveness of our communication effort through six major objectives.

  1. Create brand identity for the City with one image or logo representing all Departments.
  1. Enhance internal and external communications, making sure that accurate information is shared, in appropriate formats, in a consistent, timely and cost-effective manner. Ensure that key messages, or themes, are incorporated into those communications.
  1. Develop a more clearly defined community relations function within our organization, building partnerships and relationships with community groups, local governments, chambers, civic and business organizations, homeowners associations and individual citizens.
  1. Focus and expand media relations efforts, emphasizing a proactive component, cultivating contacts with television and radio, improving coordination in sharing information for communicating with media partners, updating policies and procedure and providing appropriate training for staff.
  1. Engage citizens more fully in the governmental process, soliciting input and feedback on City issues, including the use of focus groups, workshops in the community, the Citizens Academy program and citizen surveys. Constructive citizen involvement helps increase awareness of the challenges facing the area and improves overall customer satisfaction. 
  1. Reinforce employee development and training opportunities, across the board. Provide tools, resources, incentives and recognition of outstanding efforts. Healthy internal communication directly reflects on our external efforts and image.