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City of Lakeland Branding

External Usage Policy

The City of Lakeland holds a federally-registered trademark on all elements that comprise the City logo. Use externally, without permission, is in violation of that trademark. Please obtain permission for use by contacting communications@lakelandgov.net.

When, under certain circumstances, the City’s logo is to be used by third-party businesses or groups, all of the enclosed brand guidelines must be followed. If there are questions, please contact communications@lakelandgov.net.

Brand Guidelines (PDF)

City of Lakeland Brand Guidelines: sunset over Lake Mirror looking toward Downtown Lakeland


Please see our Brand Guidelines for information on City of Lakeland logo permissions.

 City of Lakeland main full color Logo

  • Unacceptable Usage

    Including but not limited to:

    • Use of the logo on printed materials not directly affiliated with the City or a City sponsorship.
    • Apparel printed for personal use.
    • The use of the City logo for any type of body art.
    • Flags printed and flown on your personal residence containing any part of the City’s logo.
    • Use of the swan portion of the logo and pairing it with other business or organization’s names.
    • Printing and selling merchandise with the City logo.
  • Brand Adherence Policy

    The Brand Guidelines manual provides specific guidelines and standards for the visual identity system in all forms of City communication. Adherence to these guidelines is vital to ensure that the City is represented in a uniform and consistent fashion. To maximize the benefits of the brand identity, it must be used in a consistent fashion over time. It is the City’s policy that the logos, type fonts and marks described in this manual are the only authorized marks to be used in all City communications. 

    The City’s Communications Department is responsible for the branding system and for ensuring that the visual identity of the City is preserved and enhanced through effective, well-designed communications.

    The Communications Department manages and monitors the use of the system and makes system graphics available to the other departments, community and other authorized parties. 

    If you have questions concerning the brand guidelines or need to obtain logos, contact the City’s Communications Department: communications@lakelandgov.net