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Traffic Operations

Always treat a downed or non-working traffic signal as a 4-way stop!

What We Do

Currently, the City of Lakeland operates 177 traffic signals and 62 real time closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) that allow personnel to monitor the traffic signals from the City's Traffic Management Center (TMC). These are NOT red light running cameras. 

A Picture of Lakelands Traffic Management Center

Traffic Management Center Video Screens

Traffic Signals

Traffic signals have become a valuable tool for ensuring safe traffic flow throughout the community. Some of  the signals are timed to work with other traffic signals to allow continuous flow from one signal to another. Some are timed so that if you are driving at the posted speed limit, you will receive a green signal at each intersection as you progress down the street. Others are on preset timers where the red, green and yellow indications will cycle for a specified time period.

Our Goal

The goal of the Traffic Operations team is to provide the most efficient safe travel as possible by getting the greatest number of vehicles through the system with the fewest stops. It would be ideal if every driver could drive without stopping from one destination to another; however, free flow is not possible even with the most intricate well-designed System.