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Commercial Solid Waste Services

All Commercial collection operations are on normal schedule. Due to higher than usual call volumes, we encourage our customers to reach us via email.

Customer Service email FinanceCustomerBilling@lakelandgov.net

  • Commercial Services

    The Solid Waste Division services commercial business locations with dumpsters and roll-off containers inside the city limits.  The City can provide 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 cubic yard dumpsters for the disposal of solid waste. Collection takes place from 1-6 times per week based on the customer's needs.

    On-Site Meeting

    To arrange an on-site meeting regarding your commercial waste needs, please contact Customer Service by calling 863.834.8774 or by email.

  • Dumpster Service

    Solid Waste provides commercial garbage collection, recycling services and tire collection dumpster service every weekday. 

    Hold Harmless agreements are required for customers to obtain dumpster service.  

    Customer Service

    Please contact customer service to arrange the type of service needed for your business by calling 863.834.8774 or by email.

  • Commercial Recycling Service

    The Commercial Recycling Program incorporates “mixed recycling” processing which allows businesses to recycle more not having to worry about the expense sorting materials or what can and cannot be recycled. We can recycle more as a community and you can promote recycling as a part of your business as a community leader; we hope you participate in the City’s commercial recycling program.

    For high-volume commercial recycling customers  4, 6 and 8 cubic yard mixed recycling dumpsters are available. Please contact our office for information on current fees.

    Recycling conserves landfill space and energy, and preserves natural resources. Recycling also allows small business owners an opportunity to save money through separating recyclable items from your waste stream decreasing the volume and weight of your waste, which in turn could reduce your solid waste collection costs.

    Interested in promoting recycling? You may email or call 863.834.8774 to speak with our staff.

  • Roll Off & Compactor Service

    The City of Lakeland Solid Waste Management Division offers roll-off service for high volume waste & recycling generators within the City's incorporated area.

    The City offers various size roll-off containers that will best fit your specific need and we can provide service for a compactor or container you own.

    We provide next day turn around service on all roll-off service requests.  If your service request is received during normal office hours, Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM your service request will be placed on schedule for the next business day.  

    Our roll-off team looks forward to providing you with exceptional customer service.


    • Container Delivery Charge: $59.13 (1 time charge)
    • Container Collection: $130.08 per service
    • Disposal Fee: Direct pass through billed by disposal site (you pay what we pay)
    • Miscellaneous Charges (when applicable): $35.48 
      • Relocation request
      • Container blocked for service access 
      • Wait time due to customer 
      • Dead head/Return and replacement of owner's container 
      • Container rental - $2.27 per day (if not serviced within 30 day period)

    15% franchise fee surcharge on gross billing

    Hold Harmless agreements are required for Residential customers to obtain roll off service.  

    Call for our complete fee schedule.


    Please contact our office at 863.834.8774 for more information.


  • Commercial Bulk Claw Truck Service

    Beginning October 1, 2021: Customers are provided four (4) free yard waste and four (4) free bulk junk collections, up to 20 cubic yards each, per calendar year.  The calendar year runs from January 1st through December 31st. 

    What is Bulk Yard Waste?

    Bulk Yard Waste means plant material, such as tree branches and shrubbery trimmings too large to be containerized or the pile is larger than 6 feet by 4 feet in size. Items must not be longer than eight feet (8) in length for collection.

    What is Bulk Junk Collection?

    Pallets, gaylord boxes, couches, chairs, and other larger office or non-hazardous industrial items may be placed curbside in an accessible area for collection.

    Customers needing Bulk Junk collection should email Customer Service with (1) your address and (2) the type of material you have for collection, or call 863.834.8774 to arrange a pickup.