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Business Tax Office

Renew a Business Tax

Need to renew a Business Tax? Click here.

Business Tax Receipt (formerly an Occupational License)

The City of Lakeland requires all business located and/or operating inside the city limits pay an annual Business Tax.  A receipt for payment of the Business Tax is commonly referred to as a Business Tax "Receipt."  Payment of such tax, however, does not constitute approval or certification or licensure by any governing authority responsible for overseeing or regulating a trade, practice, activity or service, etc.

Most Business Tax fees are based on square footage, number of workers and/or category of profession.  Actual Business Tax fees are determined after contact with the Business Tax Office.  In addition, if a business location is inside the city limits, Business Tax Receipts from both the City of Lakeland and Polk County are required.

Zoning Designation

Reminder: the appropriate zoning designation is necessary for ALL businesses, including home businesses.

You can see if your property is within city limits with the Address Look-Up Tool.

You can see if your proposed use is allowed by viewing the Land Development Code. We have the table here, and you can see the whole document on the website.


To apply for Business Tax Receipts, contact:

City of Lakeland

Business Tax Office
228 S Massachusetts Avenue
Lakeland, FL  33801

Polk County

Business Tax Office
Polk County Tax Collector
430 E Main Street
Bartow, FL  33831


Lakeland Branch
916 N Massachusetts Avenue
Lakeland, FL  33801


 State Sales Tax Number  Florida Department of Revenue
 Lakeland Office
 115 S. Missouri Avenue, #202
 Lakeland, FL  33801

 Social Security Number or
 Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)

 Internal Revenue Service
 Lakeland Office
 2133 Harden Boulevard
 Lakeland, FL  33803

Required Documents

Business Requirements
Recibo de Impuesto de Negociós

Business Tax Office FAQs

Business Tax Receipt Ordinance

Additional Requirements