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Street Sweeping

Protecting Our Lakes One Mile at a Time

The City operates six street sweepers that maintain 551 lane miles of curbed street.  In a year, these machines can clean the equivalent of 20,000 miles of street and collect 2,500 tons of debris.  This prevents the debris from entering the City’s storm sewer system and the lakes.  

The large-scale vinyl wraps ask citizens to help protect Lakeland’s water bodies.  One way is by sweeping grass clippings back into the yard after mowing. This ensures clippings don’t travel down storm drains and end up as a pollution source in area lakes, causing nutrient and oxygen problems.

The street sweeper educational graphics also ask citizens to pick up their pet waste and dispose of it properly because pet waste can carry harmful bacteria that will pollute the water. All vinyl wraps include the City’s Stormwater Hotline (863.834.3300) so citizens can report any issues that are negatively impacting water quality.

The street sweeper public outreach campaign is funded by the Stormwater Utility. The Stormwater Utility fee helps with educational programs related to water pollution prevention and pays for various capital improvement projects designed to protect and enhance Lakeland’s water bodies.

Our goal is the sweep each curbed street within the city twice a month.

For more information, call the Lakes & Stormwater Division at 863.834.3300.