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Sidewalk Surface Tester (SST)

Mission: To redefine accessibility, safety, and quality in pedestrian infrastructure, contributing to the overall well-being of communities.

Paving the Way for Pedestrian-Friendly Environments

The City of Lakeland is working in partnership with IMS to assess the current conditions of our sidewalks.

 City of LakelandIMS

  • What is the Sidewalk Surface Tester (SST) and why was it in our community?

    In an effort to gain a present understanding of the city’s sidewalks related to accessibility, safety, and quality, the City of Lakeland partnered with IMS and utilized special Sidewalk Surface Testers to gather information on the conditions of over 350+ miles of sidewalks.  This testing was to assess the condition of the sidewalks which contribute to the overall well-being of our community.  The assessment has been completed, and the City of Lakeland awaits the results of the data gathered to make critical decisions for building plans for immediate repairs or alterations.  This work will contribute to the ongoing transition plan of the City as it pertains to accessibility for all residents and visitors.

    Sidewalk Surface Tester Vehicle  Sidewalk Surface Tester Vehicle 

    The ICC Sidewalk Surface Tester (SST) is a specialized tool used by trained field crews to assess and evaluate the condition of sidewalks in communities. It helps identify areas that may need maintenance or rehabilitation to ensure safe and accessible walkways for residents.

  • How does the SST work?

    The SST is equipped with cameras and sensors that measure and record the surface conditions of sidewalks. It assesses factors such as cracks, erosion, slope, grade, obstructions, and lack of accessible features. The data collected helps prioritize areas that may require attention to maintain or improve sidewalk quality.

    Sidewalk Surface Tester Vehicle Sidewalk Surface Tester Vehicle

  • Why is sidewalk maintenance important?

    Maintaining sidewalks is crucial for ensuring the safety and accessibility of pedestrian walkways. Regular assessments and repairs help prevent trip hazards, uneven surfaces, and deterioration. This creates a safer environment for everyone in the community.

  • What happens after the SST assessment?

    The data collected by the SST guides our sidewalk maintenance and rehabilitation program. Once the assessment is complete, our engineers prioritize areas for maintenance based on the severity of issues identified. This proactive approach helps us address concerns before they become more significant problems.

  • Will residents have access to the SST assessment data?

    To find out if the SST assessment data will be made available to residents through a community portal or website, please contact the City of Lakeland’s ADA Specialist, Kristin Meador, at ADASpecialist@lakelandgov.net, or by calling 863-834-8444, or TDD 863-834-8333.