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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I want to change the size of my automated container?

    Should customers want to change the size of container, the City will provide a one time only change within the first 90 days of service at no additional charge. Automated residential customers are offered one (1) free container size change annually, any additional requests for a swap during the twelve (12) month period shall incur a $35.00 fee for each additional size change.

    Please refer to Solid Waste Resident Trash EZCAN FAQs or RECYCLING FAQs for more information.

  • How can I receive assisted collection?

    Any resident that is on medical waiver pickup will continue to have that service. Residents need to place the garbage in the automated container and ensure the container is visible from the street.   If you need to inquire about front door service, please contact our office at 836.834.8773.

  • How do I dispose of bulky waste?

    Residents should notify the Solid Waste Division at 863.834.8773 for the scheduling of bulk waste collection. 

  • My container is dirty. Can I get a replacement?

    Keeping the container clean is the responsibility of the homeowner. If you bag all your trash, maintenance is minor. An occasional washing with water and a little ammonia or disinfectant cleaner will keep your barrel odor-free.

  • What kinds of garbage can I put in the automated garbage container?

    All household garbage items may be placed in the container. It is also recommended that garbage items be bagged and tied, then deposited in your container. This practice will keep your container cleaner and minimize odors. Do not load your container with hot ashes or coals, recyclable items, household hazardous waste or medical waste, paint, or any yard waste such as bagged or loose grass, leaves, or small branches.

  • Where will I store my automated container?

    Containers may be stored in the garage, carport, shed, or under cover of the household. Containers may also be stored outdoors to the side or rear of the household, but may not be stored in the front yard. Containers must be removed from the curb on or before 6:00 am following the day of collection.

    Residents with alley collection are not required to remove the containers from the alley.

  • Can I purchase an additional container?

    Residents are encouraged to take advantage of the current recycling options available to them to reduce the amount of garbage they need to place at the curb. The more you recycle, the less garbage is produced. If one recycling bin is not adequate to hold all of your recyclables, an additional recycling bin can be obtained at no cost by calling Solid Waste at 863.834.8773.

    An additional automated container can be made available for large families, but the City encourages recycling before adding containers. All containers remain the property of the City and are assigned to your residence by serial number. Please call Solid Waste to arrange for a second container if necessary and to review associated costs.

  • What happens if my container is damaged, lost or stolen?

    Every container has a serial number and is electronically tagged so containers can be matched to each house address. Container problems associated with normal wear and tear will be repaired by the City. However, any containers that are stolen or damaged through neglect or misuse will be replaced at the property owners' expense. 

    Residents are responsible for routine maintenance, including keeping the containers clean, removing the containers from the street after collection, and storing the containers in a safe place.

    If you cart has been stolen or is missing, please call our office, 863.834.8773.

  • Where do I place the wheeled container on collection day?

    To remain as efficient as possible, the truck driver does not exit the vehicle; therefore, proper placement of the containers is essential. Please allow at least 3 feet of clearance around the container to allow for proper collection. Place the container at the end of your driveway, at the edge of the street, or next to the curb with the wheels facing your property. The arrows on the lid of the wheeled container must point toward the street and away from your property. Move your wheeled container out for collection before 6:00 a.m. on your collection day or the night before. Please remove your container from the curb by end of collection day. The collection driver will tag containers that do not follow proper container placement procedures.

    Residents with alley collection are not required to remove the containers from the alley.

  • What if the container gets full before collection day?

    National surveys indicate the 95-gallon container is adequate for the average home of four (4) people. Each container will hold the equivalent of three (3) normal trash cans. It is important that you place all household garbage inside the container so that the operator can utilize the mechanical arm to lift the container and empty it. If you have an unusual amount of garbage that will not fit in the container, please notify the solid waste division of your special needs.

  • How much will the container cost me?

    One container is supplied free of charge to each household.

    Automated collection services rates depend upon the size of container chosen and are as follows:

    • $14.85 per month (35 gallon container)
    • $15.95 per month (65 gallon container)
    • $17.05 per month (95 gallon container)
  • What do I do with my container when I move?

    Your container is the property of the City.  It is provided for this location only and must remain at this property. If you relocate to another location within the City limits, call our office to determine specifics about trash collection service (day(s) of service, for example). You also have 90 days after moving into your new location to change the size of the container at your new address.

  • What if my garbage does not fit inside my container?

    The key to automated once-a-week curbside service is the ability of the solid waste trucks to use the automated collection arm which picks up the container.  This does not work if bags of garbage are placed outside of your container.   However, in the event you do have extra bags of trash, a sticker will be placed on the inside of your container lid to help you track those days where additional collection services were required.  The driver will place the additional bags into the container after emptying it and will empty the container again.  Each resident is permitted 4 additional pick-ups per calendar year for bagged garbage that exceeds the capacity of your container.  If the driver has to fill your container with bagged items twice, that will count as two of your four additional pick-ups.

    Once you have had your 4 additional pick-ups, should you continue to have extra bags for collection, you will be billed $15.00 per each instance.  Please contact our offices for any questions at (863) 834-8773.