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Zoning Verification Request

There are two types of written zoning letters available for parcels within the city limits. Basic Zoning Confirmation Letters and Custom Zoning Verification Letters should be applied for through the Community & Economic Development Department via iMS.

For more guidance on applying on iMS, follow our instructions.

Basic Zoning Confirmation Letters are designed to provide applicants with information including the future land use designation and zoning classification of the subject property, and whether a particular use is permitted on the subject property. The letter may also contain any notes the Planner may deem applicable (conditions, regulations, etc.).

There is no cost for a Basic Zoning Confirmation Letter.

Custom Zoning Verification Letters are designed for applicants requesting specific information about the subject property. Applicants should provide a list of what information needs verification and provide any special instructions for what is needed to be included in the letter.

The cost for a Custom Zoning Verification Letter is $60.00. Payment can be made online via credit card, or in person at City Hall, via check made payable to the City of Lakeland.

Before applying for a Zoning Confirmation or Verification Letter, use the Address Lookup tool to be sure that your property is within the City Limits:

Check your address here

Basic Zoning Confirmation Letters and Custom Zoning Verification Letters are typically completed within 5-7 business days.