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Becoming Registered

How to Register:

To register your neighborhood association, please fill out the Neighborhood Registration Form and mail, fax, or email the form to:

City of Lakeland
228 S. Massachusetts Ave
Lakeland, FL 33801
Fax: (863) 834-8432

Once you have registered your neighborhood association, you will receive additional information from your neighborhood liaison. If you are not certain of your neighborhood boundaries, please view the Neighborhood Boundaries Map or contact Neighborhood Outreach at 863.834.6011 or neighborhoodoutreach@lakelandgov.net

Benefits of Registering Your Neighborhood Association

Staff Support: Registered neighborhood associations will have a city neighborhood liaison assigned to assist in the initial stages of neighborhood organization. Liaisons can help with planning effective meetings, organizing projects, preparing and mailing newsletters, writing and implementing grants, and providing direction for working through the channels of city government.

Centralized Filing: Filing space is available for important neighborhood association documents such as by-laws, minutes, Employee Identification Number (EIN), etc. Filing space is limited.

Neighborhood Boundaries Map: A Master Neighborhood Boundaries Map has been created identifying the neighborhood boundaries for approximately 100 neighborhoods. As a registered association you will have the opportunity to determine the boundaries of your own neighborhood, as long as they don’t conflict with those of another existing neighborhood association. Typical boundaries include roads, railroads and natural features such as lakes. Once the boundaries have been confirmed and mapped, you will receive a map of the neighborhood for your use. Additional copies of the map may be purchased.

City Website: The city will post general information about registered neighborhoods on the city’s web site including contact information and meeting times and locations. Personal information will not be posted.

Neighborhood Association Directory: The Neighborhood Outreach Office publishes a Neighborhood Association Directory that provides general information on all registered neighborhoods, social service agencies, and city departments working in your neighborhood.

Use of City Facilities: As a registered association, you can request the use of certain city buildings for meetings, based upon availability. Please contact the Neighborhood Outreach Office. Depending on the facility, a rental fee might be charged. In some cases the fee might be waived for registered neighborhood associations. Association meetings at city facilities should be limited to 1 ½ hours.