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Sign Ordinance

The following signs are prohibited within the Lakeland corporate limits per the Land Development Code Section 4.9. They shall be removed in accordance with the procedure established for each category of prohibited signs.

Prohibited Signs:

  1. Abandoned signs
  2. Animated signs and flashing lights on signs
  3. Banners, pennants, spinners, streamers, balloons, inflatable objects, fluttering devices other than flags, and lights designed to attract attention
  4. Billboards and off-premises signs
  5. Parasite signs
  6. Portable signs, except sidewalk signs where specifically permitted
  7. Signs located on public rights-of-way or public property, except signs displayed by the governmental agency having jurisdiction over the public right-of-way and as may be authorized by law
  8. Roof signs
  9. Horizontal and vertical advertising, not required by State or Federal laws, located on motor vehicle fuel pump island canopy supports, "spanner boards", and on light poles or other supporting structures at non-canopied pump islands, to be removed within 30 days after written notification
  10. A vehicle with signage that is commercial in nature, or displaying marketing material where parked or displayed adjacent to and visible from the public right-of-way for advertising purposes.  This applies when other parking spaces are available that are not  adjacent to and visible from the public right-of-way
  11. Any sign that is not specifically described or enumerated as permitted

For more information please contact Code Enforcement at 863.834.6251.