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Demolition of Unsafe Buildings

A photo of a demolished home

A photo of a demolished home

The Code Enforcement Board has the authority to authorize demolition of unsafe structures when other efforts to bring about compliance have failed.  While infrequent, demolition is sometimes necessary to protect public health, safety and welfare.  In all cases the owner(s) receives notice and ample opportunity to correct the violation(s), either by repair and rehabilitation or by demolition themselves.  Multiple public hearings are convened at which the owner(s) has the opportunity to present testimony and evidence on their behalf.  When demolitions are authorized, though, the City must follow strict regulations for asbestos testing and abatement (if necessary), as well as additional notice requirements and finally procurement of the demolition service.

Authorized Demolitions

The following is a list of demolitions authorized by the Code Enforcement Board along with their current status.  Specific case records can be viewed by clicking the hyperlinked Case Number, which will open the case in iMS.

Click here to view a GIS Story Map of demolitions of unsafe buildings completed since 2016. 

Questions about these or any other case should be directed to the Code Enforcement Office


 Location Case Number Authorized Current Status
2121 Blue Highlands Dr LCE21-06252 1/25/2022 Pending
614 W 4th St LCE19-03077 3/23/2021 Completed
5063 Fox Cliff Dr LCE18-01437 2/23/2021 Completed
617 W Crawford St 1120105080097 10/27/2020 Completed
916 W 9th St LCE18-03425 10/27/2020 Completed
311 W 2nd St (Accessory Building) 1120208089136 12/17/2019 Completed
937 N Iowa Ave LCE19-02701 10/22/2019 Completed
1403 W 9th St LCE19-01232 9/24/2019 Completed
706 N Tennessee Ave LCE14-05735 6/25/2019 Completed
940 N Vermont Av LCE19-01243 6/25/2019 Completed
232 Hennessee St LCE18-07535 2/26/2019 Pending
2006 Kendrick Ln LCE18-03367 1/29/2019 Completed
903 N Ruth Ave LCE18-06824 1/29/2019 Completed
1108 W 10th St LCE18-00762 7/24/2018 Completed
2128 Morrow St LCE16-06890 7/25/2018 Completed
1820 Kendrick Ln LCE17-00941 5/22/2018 Completed
1526 Kettles Av LCE17-02189 4/24/2018 Completed
933 Hollingsworth Rd LCE17-04567 3/27/2018 Completed
4210 New Tampa Hwy LCE14-00465 2/27/2018 Completed
505 W 6th St 1120209072192 1/23/2018 Completed