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Lakeland Police Foundation Establishes Dedicated Fund for the Lakeland Police Explorer Program and Commits 50% of the 2022 Fallen Heroes Memorial 5K Proceeds as First Donation

LAKELAND, FL (May 12, 2022) - On May 5, 2022, the Lakeland Police Foundation Board of Directors held a board meeting to discuss how the Foundation could support the Lakeland Police Department's Police Explorer Program. As such, the board quickly recognized the importance of this program as it relates to mentoring our youth who are interested in Law Enforcement as a possible career choice. 

Steven Pacheco, President/Board Chair for the Lakeland Police Foundation stated, "The Lakeland Police Foundation Board of Directors is thrilled to report that our board unanimously voted to establish a fund, within the Lakeland Police Foundation, Inc., to assist in supporting the LPD Police Explorer Program. The Foundation Board will establish an annual amount of funds to allocate to the program. The Foundation's Board of Directors believes that establishing this fund will assist the supervision and Advisors of the program with recruiting more young adults, who may become future Lakeland Police Department officers or Public Safety Aides."

Additionally, as a catalyst to the Foundation's support of the Explorer Program, the Board of Directors also voted to provide 50% of the proceeds from this year's Fallen Heroes Memorial 5K directly to the Explorer Program. 

The Lakeland Police Department's Explorer Program is designed for young adults interested in Law Enforcement as a possible career choice. Police Explorers receive training at weekly meetings and specially scheduled training sessions. As an Explorer, participants are trained in all areas of law enforcement, including: Traffic Stops, Accident Investigations, Crisis Intervention, Domestic Violence, First Aid, Search and Arrest, In-progress Calls, Criminal and State Statues, and Crime Scene Processing.

Each year Explorers compete in the State Explorers' Competition with other young adults from across Florida.

  • Membership requirements: candidates must meet the following requirements:  
  • Be between the ages of 14 and 21
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA (in school or college prep courses) 
  • Attend weekly meetings and other training/community functions
  • Pass an oral review board conducted by the Advisors and Ranking Explorers


Anyone wishing to donate to the Lakeland Police Explorer Program can send donations to the Lakeland Police Foundation at lakelandpolicefoun

dation.com or by mailing contributions to:

Lakeland Police Foundation, Inc.

219 N. Massachusetts Avenue

Lakeland, Florida 33801.