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Parking FAQs

  • Where can I park for free all day?

    The Park and Ride spaces on Rose Street, the Lake Mirror Center Parking lot and the Peggy Brown Building parking lot (depicted in purple) continue to have free unlimited parking at any time. All City-owned on-street and off-street parking has free unlimited parking evenings and weekends, from 5 PM to 9 AM Monday thru Friday, and all day during the weekends.  Check our Parking app!


  • The signs say 2 hours free parking. Can I stay longer than two hours?

    Yes you can! In the lots and garages you can purchase up to eight hours. On-street parking (Zone 2705) time can be extended beyond the initial two hours via ParkMobile for up to two additional hours. Each additional hour costs $1.

    Zone "2725" on-street peripheral locations on Massachusetts Avenue, Main Street and Orange Street offer up to 8 hours.  For this zone, the first two hours of operation will be free of charge, followed by the ability to purchase up to seven additional continuous hours (for a grand total of up to nine hours) at the rate of $0.25 per hour plus applicable ParkMobile fees.

  • Is there a fee for using Parkmobile?

    Yes, there's a 35 cent fee for each transaction.

  • Is it true that I can only be in Downtown Lakeland for 2 hours?

    Not at all! You can use your two free hours, extend your space time remotely using ParkMobile or relocate to one of the metered or peripheral locations.   Use our Parking map to find an area!

  • Do merchants validate parking?

    Merchants can purchase Parkmobile promo codes in any increment they choose and reward their valued customers.  Customers must have a ParkMobile account to redeem the code for parking credits.

  • Can I move my car once I've engaged Parkmobile?

    Yes, if you move to another space in the same zone, your session can continue. 

    If you change zones, you'll have to pay again and start a new parking session.

    Metered lots are pay by space.  If you change spaces, you must start a new parking session with correct space number.

  • Why is free parking only offered for 2 hours once per day?

    To ensure that every customer has the opportunity for the most convenient parking, we must limit the amount of free time given in those spaces.  Downtown is blessed with a large population of professional offices and we want to encourage those full time employees to park remotely and leave the most convenient spaces for our customers who come and go throughout the day.  Use our Parking app!

  • For on-street parking, must I use the free 2 hours of parking before purchasing additional time?

    Yes.  You must use your free time first. Set a reminder on your phone or watch to alert you when your time is almost up so you can engage ParkMobile and extend your stay or move to a metered lot/garage.

  • What happens if I come for a quick coffee in the morning for 15 minutes, leave, then come back at lunch or in the afternoon?

    Parking staff records tag numbers and the times on each route and your car is recorded as "in that location" (in the downtown FREE two hour zone) until the next time staff checks on their route.  Once you leave the space, even if you didn't park a full 2-hours, you will have to pay upon your return. 

    Staff always tries to err on the side of the customer, but it would be wise to engage your ParkMobile account if you plan to return for a second visit in the same day.

  • If I purchase parking with the pay-by-space machine or a meter, can I use Parkmobile to extend the time?

    Yes! Just be sure to remember your space number and zone number (and the phone number if you do not have the app, 877.727.5714).  You can engage your ParkMobile account remotely and extend your parking session.

  • Can I move to another space and get 2 more hours free?

    No, FREE parking is one session from the time first parked.  It does not pause or restart if you change zone or space.

  • Is there a faster way to pay a pay-by-space machine?

    Yes, you can use the ParkMobile app or call 877.727.5714.  You must register with ParkMobile first.

  • What if I have trouble with the machine or the app?

    Call us at 863.834.6303. We're happy to help you!

  • Can I use my Parkmobile account if I am not in my own car?

    Yes. ParkMobile allows you to add up to five tag numbers to your account.  If you are with a friend who does not have ParkMobile, you can still purchase parking using your account.  Just enter his/her tag number for that session.

  • I don't have a smartphone, can I still use Parkmobile?

    Yes, but you must be registered first. You can engage your ParkMobile account via the app or by calling 877.727.5714.

  • Where do I pay a ticket?
    • Online: Pay the fine by credit card using the  Parking Portal.  There is a 2.5% transaction fee.
    • Mail (Include Check or Money Order AND Citation):
      • Mail to the address listed on the citation envelope
      • Place your payment in the Lakeland Electric Drop Box (501 E Lemon St, Lakeland, FL 33801)
    • In Person (Cash Payments) 
      • Cash payments can be made at the Finance Customer Billing Office, City Hall (228 S Massachusetts Avenue).  The office is open business days from 8am to 5pm.

    For questions, please call 863.834.7275.

  • Where can I get a parking permit?

    You may obtain a parking permit at the Main Street Garage Parking Services Office (314 E Main Street, Lakeland, FL 33801).

    Call 863.834.6303 for more info.

  • Can I receive more than one ticket per day?

    Yes, you could receive a parking fine every three hours during the day should your vehicle remain in the same spot.   The maximum number of fines you could receive is three (3).

  • What is the law for commercial parking spaces?

    Per Florida State Statutes, the vehicle must be over 10,000 pounds.

  • How much is a parking ticket?

    There are two types of Parking Citations:

    • Unlawful Parking .................. $25.00 Fine 
    • Accessible Parking Violation ..... $250.00 Fine 

    Unlawful citations must be answered within 21 days from the date of issue. This includes appeals, payment, or inquiry. All citations must be contested in the Clerk of Courts within 60 days from the date of issue to be accepted for hearing.

    Unlawful citations are subject to a $20.00 late fee after 21 days if not paid and an additional $10.00 after 30 days.  Citations remaining unpaid after 60 days from the date of issue will have a DMV hold places on the vehicle TAG associated with the citation.  The DMV hold will be system generated and remain in place until all citations associated with the vehicle TAG are paid in full to include any applicable late fees. Account balance must be zero.

    All Parking citations, to include Disabled Parking violations, remaining unpaid after 24 months from the date of issue will be handed off to the current Collections Agency.

  • Why did you remove the Combat Wounded Veteran License Plate parking space?

    We had identified a single parking spot on the southwest corner of Munn Park where a veteran with a Combat Wounded Veteran license plate was able to park for free for any length of time.   We have since removed that one space, deciding it would be more beneficial to offer a veteran with this license plate the ability to park anywhere within the downtown areas.  As a result, a vehicle with this type of plate may park in on-street parking or use pay by space lots for free.  Use our new parking app!

     Combat Wounded Veteran License Plate

  • I cannot find an open Accessible space.

    Vehicles with an accessible license plate or placard may park in any on-street space for double the time on the sign for free.

    • 15 minutes free = 30 minutes free for accessible plate or placard;
    • 30 minutes free = 60 minutes free for accessible plate or placard; and
    • 2 hours free = 4 hours free for accessible plate or placard.

    Additionally, off-street (Munn Park, Lot D and Main Garage/Cedar Street Entrance only) may park for free unlimited in any space.

    Any accessible parking space on-street or off-street that is publicly available (no special key, gate, or permit involved) is available for free unlimited parking.

  • How does the free Universal Valet parking program work?

    Free Universal Valet parking is available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11am to 3pm, and Friday and Saturday nights.   This Valet parking has one drop-off location at Munn Park with mobile phone text-based pick-up anywhere in the downtown area.

  • What are the hours for parking enforcement?

    All timed parking enforcement is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.  All unlawful enforcement is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • How do I appeal my parking citation?

    You will need to visit our City of Lakeland Payment Portal and setup an account first.   Once you have completed this process, you may submit an appeal with your documentation.  Your appeal must be submitted within 21 days of citation issue date.  Our Parking Supervisor will respond to your appeal within 7 business days.