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Road Resurfacing

Good Roads Cost Money. Bad Roads Cost More

The City’s Pavement Management Program is an integrated computer software package customized for cost-effective management of Lakeland’s roughly 389 miles of paved roadway network.

This software was developed by the Federal Highway Administration for use in managing pavements and it allows us to analyze pavement conditions and schedule future paving needs to optimize maintenance of our streets. Our Pavement Management Program is designed to provide routine maintenance and preventive maintenance strategies while the roadways service level is still in good condition. This has proven to be the most cost-effective method to provide many years of serviceable roadways.

In order to insure the performance of a pavement management program, accurate and reliable data of our pavement inventory must be collected.  A pavement inspection of city’s roadways was performed in 2014 and is scheduled to be re-evaluated every three years there after. The extent, type, and severity of existing pavement distresses are entered into the pavement management software and analyzed to determine an overall distress condition index termed the Pavement Condition Index or PCI for pavements.

That level of deterioration will determine whether a pavement requires localized repair, preventive maintenance, rehabilitation, or reconstruction.  The most cost effective pavement management is to provide preventive maintenance at the highest possible level.