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Munn Park Redesign Proposed Elements

Munn Park Redesign Community Input

Community input is now closed

The following elements are being considered for the Munn Park redesign, and we want to hear from YOU!

Which options do you think are best? What can the City of Lakeland do to make Munn Park a place for all to enjoy?


Proposed Active Recreation Elements

  •  Bocce Ball

    Bocce ball

    This lawn game is played with eight weighted balls aimed at the smaller target ball.

  • Ping Pong

    Ping Pong

    Also known as table tennis, 2-4 players use a racket to hit a lightweight ball across a table.


  • Billiards


    Various games played on a rectangular table with a designated number of small balls and cue sticks.




  • Putting Area

    Putting Area

    A synthetic grass space used to practice putting.


  • Giant Chess / Checkers Set

    Giant Chess / Checkers Set

    Chess - A board game played between two players that simulate a war between to kingdoms
    Checkers - Two player board game of strategy with the winner capturing all their opponents.


  • Cornhole / Bag Toss

    Cornhole / Bag Toss

    a game in which small bags, filled with corn or resin, are tossed at a target consisting of an inclined wooden platform with a hole at the end


  • Pod Swings

    Pod Swings

    Sensory swings to promote social interaction between children and adults of all abilities.



  • Ladder Toss Game

    Ladder Toss Game

    Lawn game played by throwing bolas, two balls connected to a string, onto rungs of a ladder.

  • Shuffleboard


    A game in which players use cues to push weighted discs.


Community Input

Community input is now closed.