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Fire Extinguishers 


Portable fire extinguishers are required in commercial occupancies and recommended in one- and two-family dwellings.

In commercial occupancies, fire extinguishers must bear a current inspection tag from a State of Florida licensed Fire Equipment Dealer. 

Check with your architect, a Fire Equipment Dealer, or your Fire Inspector for information on the correct type, size, and number of extinguishers for your occupancy.  Current inspection tags are required on all extinguishers, even in new construction.  Monthly inspections should be conducted by staff of the occupancy to ensure the extinguisher is in good working order.  Inspections are required annually by a licensed Fire Equipment Dealer.

In one- and two-family dwellings, residents are encouraged to have a fire extinguisher and to learn to use it. 

The Lakeland Fire Department does not service, install, or dispose of fire extinguishers. 

Only State of Florida licensed Fire Equipment Dealers can service fire extinguishers. 

 Workplace Fire Safety and Fire Extinguisher Basics 

The Lakeland Fire Department offers workplace safety training, which includes instruction on how to safely and properly use a fire extinguisher. This program is not offered to individuals, only to group of 15 or more. Additionally, this training is not designed to meet training and certification requirements set forth for Child Care Providers by the Florida Department of Children and Families. 

To request fire extinguisher training for your organization, please complete a program request form.