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Scholarship Opportunities

  • Diverse group of firefighters
    FOCUS Scholarship

    The F.O.C.U.S. Scholarship offers an opportunity of a lifetime. The scholarship, offered by the Lakeland Fire Department, covers 100% of the cost associated with becoming a certified firefighter. Learn more about the program, who qualifies, and how to apply here.


  • Students walking in forrest
    Forestry Conservation and Firefighting

    The United States Department of Labor Job Corps offers training and scholarship opportunities for forestry conservation and firefighting. Many that participate in the program go on to jobs that involve gathering data in various ecosystems for scientific studies or as firefighters in the wilderness of the country. Others get involved in trail and parkland maintenance. Learn more here. 


  • logo for Florida Fire Chiefs' Foundation Scholarship
    Florida Fire Chiefs' Foundation Scholarship

    Employment as a career firefighter provides stability, structure, a second family, and the ability to give back to the community in a very real and direct way. The foundation recognizes how important the chance at a financially stable life can be to a person who is economically disadvantaged. Because of its continued commitment to the education of Florida’s firefighters, the Florida Fire Chiefs’ Foundation has created a scholarship program that is specifically intended to provide financial support for individuals who cannot otherwise afford to attend an approved Florida Firefighter Minimum Standards and related Emergency Medical Technician certification program.